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Horse Massage


Coreen Kelly,  Owner/Instructor

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 Level I-Horse Massage . . .

WMSHM's Level I - Horse Massage is a 7-day course.  This is a group class with a total enrollment of only 4 students with a tuition fee of $1,395.  Private classes are also available for the student with little or no prior horse experience or better served for learning purposes to attend privately - for a slightly higher tuition fee.  

The first 2 days of this course are profession specific in-hand horsemanship, learning how to help the horse to stand quietly while being massaged.  This is a mandatory segment.  The rest of the week is spent studying horse anatomy & physiology of 27 primary muscles and functions., the massage sequence, business practices with horsemanship as a secondary focus.  

The final day of the week is a final exam day with 2 written exams and 2 practical exams.   The final practical is, of course, the student massaging a full horse on their own - demonstrating their understanding and application of the material as presented by their instructor, Coreen.   Upon successful completion of their exams, the student will receive a certificate of completion from this facility. 

​​​​                       2019

           Class Schedule

           Level I - Horse Massage

             7 - Day Group Classes

​                  Tuition - $1,395 

      Mar  23- 29         Jul   20 - 26

      Apr 20 - 26          Aug 17 - 23

      May 18 - 24         Sept 21 - 27

      Jun  22 - 28         Oct   19 - 25


The  Western Montana School of  Horse Massage (WMSHM) has been a cornerstone of the alternative therapy community of horses for close to two decades.  As the owner and instructor of WMSHM, Coreen Kelly has  trained and certified over 3,500 students in both Western and Traditional Chinese massage methodology.  

Formost, this school's teaching philosophy is based on Quantum Physics and Metaphysics - akin to the popular movies The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know.  WHSHM  is located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of the Rocky Mountains in Western Montana.

Established  1999 . . .