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Horse Massage

Coreen's Horses . . .

Through the years Coreen has had the good fortune to own, train and utilize many horses for her horse massage school.  Currently, she owns a core herd of six horses.  Each horse has a unique personality, mannerisms, and personal physical challenges.  This core herd have been with the school since it's inception and have become very proficient at guiding the human students through their learning processes.  These horses actually will tell on the students if they are not massaging them correctly!


Coreen Kelly, Owner/Instructor

Toll Free:  1-800-821-0014

Cell/Text:  1-406-961-8414

Mobile/Tablet:  www.horsetouchmontana.com

PC Desktop:  www.equinetouchmontana.com

Email:  coreenkelly@gmail.com